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Tips For Filing Auto Insurance Claims

Imagine this: you’ve been saving your pennies for years with the goal of buying a brand new Ford Explorer, and you’ve finally got the funds to make it happen! But sadly, just weeks after buying your dream vehicle, you walk outside to find that it has been side-swiped on your neighborhood street in the middle of the night. Even worse, no one left an apology note with their phone number for you to call. So, what do you do? Many people find themselves in this type of situation, or even worse if their vehicle were to be vandalized, totaled, or stolen. But don’t worry — that’s where we come in! At Mountain Plains Agency, our auto insurance agents and claims adjusters are ready to help you get the compensation you deserve if you get in a car accident or your vehicle is damaged. That being said, here are a few key tips for filing car insurance claims in Northern Colorado.

Contact The Authorities

When it comes to filing auto insurance claims, evidence is key. Whether you’ve found yourself in a fender bender or notice damage to your vehicle that occurred while you were away, the first step to take is calling the police. Once they arrive on the scene, they will take photos, question witnesses, and do everything else in their power to determine what happened and who was at fault. Then, once a police report is filed, you have official documentation and evidence to present your insurance adjuster, who will then work with you to settle the claim.

Call Your Insurance Company

After involving the authorities and documenting the damage that was done to your vehicle, it’s time to call your insurance agency. Depending on whether or not the police were able to identify who was at fault, you and your insurance agent will be able to get in contact with their auto insurance company to determine how much the insured loss was worth. Then, assuming the damage was the other person’s fault, your insurance adjuster will help you get reimbursement for the damage, as well as any medical expenses that resulted if you and others were hurt on the scene.

Get Your Car Fixed

Once your insurance adjuster has figured out the estimated damage cost and has gotten compensation by the other party’s auto insurance company, you can use those funds to get your car fixed. This could mean replacing the bumper, window, or an entire door, depending on where your vehicle was hit or what part of it was vandalized. Communication is key during this entire process, as the estimated repair costs provided by your insurance adjuster determine what you can afford to have done to fix your vehicle. Looking for help settling an auto insurance claim and getting the compensation you deserve? Contact Mountain Plains Agency in Fort Collins today!

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