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Get Farm & Agricultural Insurance Quotes From Mountain Plains Agency

Get Farm & Agricultural Insurance Quotes From Mountain Plains Agency

Farmers have their priorities, but that doesn’t mean their risks shouldn’t be covered. Let’s face it, farmers are a special breed of people. We’ve been operating farms for generations and know the risks that come with it. That’s why we’re here to help farmers stay protected. Our team of experienced professionals will make sure your policies are tailored to your business needs and that your family’s covered in case of an accident. You’re going to notice that it’s a lot easier to focus on the things that matter most when you know you’ve got a plan in place. 

We believe that you work hard, day in and day out, to keep your farm in good standing day in and day out. And when you invest, you want to know all your investments are protected. Not just for your peace of mind. But for the future of your farm, your family, and your livelihood. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that what you’ve worked to build is protected. So whether you operate a small hobby farm, a big dairy farm, or a complex grain operation, we offer farm and agricultural insurance programs that will meet your needs. We’re here to help.

The insurance world can be challenging, especially regarding the pricing and businesses that need coverage. There are many different insurance fields, and this can be difficult to navigate. We try to make things easier for clients by having a wide range of different types of insurance and matching your needs. We work with several other businesses, including some in agriculture, by providing crop insurance, property insurance, and more. We’ve worked with companies to make sure they stay protected from many different damages, and we’d like to help you, too!

Farmers, You Deserve This!

They used to be a common sight in the countryside, but nowadays they’re becoming less common. Traditional hobby farmers, or homesteaders, grow their food and raise their animals in the countryside. These people usually have a deep love and respect for the Earth, and they feel a solid connection to the land they live on. Many hobby farmers like to make their land as self-sufficient as possible, with the intent of being able to survive off it if they needed to!

With the world’s growing population and threats of catastrophes, it’s time for hobby farmers to have their insurance. It’s time for a shift in priorities where hobby farmers have the proper medical coverage, just in case something terrible happens. Being prepared and having the appropriate ranges is the only way to stay financially secure. Make sure you have hobby farmers insurance, and your hobby farm will never be the same!

Grain and Rice Growers Shielded!

Most grains, including rice, are vulnerable to moisture-related problems. If you have waterlogged fields or have seen waterlogging on your fields, you may be asking yourself if you will be able to get the crop off. Or are you worried about the crop rotting? Unfortunately, the answer to all those questions is probably going to be yes. That is why you need to get insurance to give you the security of knowing that you are protected.

On top of that, the usage of insurance in the grain and rice industry is becoming a trend as farmers are beginning to be more aware of their rights as well as the various risks associated with growing crops. With insurance, farmers can avoid a lot of heartache and pain and the added expenses that come with severe weather and natural disasters. 

Indeed, the agriculture sector is one of the largest sectors in the economy. Farmers and grain producers must face different challenges to produce the right crop yield. There are times when the harvest doesn’t meet the expectations. To protect the farmers and grain producers, insurance companies like us offer crop insurance. Considering the scope of the agricultural economy and the share of input costs in it, buying insurance is a wise move. Even if the input costs are insured, farmers should still guard themselves against crop failure!

Vegetable and Row Crop Growers Guarded!

You can guard your crop against potential loss by purchasing crop insurance. Anyone who grows crops can get a policy, but the federal government encourages farmers to do so. It provides subsidies and loans to encourage crop insurance. You can purchase insurance against a range of potential losses. Common ones include pests, hail, and drought. You can even buy a policy to protect your crops against loss due to government actions.

Luckily, there are options to protect against such unfortunate circumstances. Crop insurance is an insurance product designed to protect your revenue streams by protecting your income or production levels before they’re affected by unexpected events. When you’re affected by a covered peril, the crop insurance policy will reimburse you for a portion of your financial losses. Crop insurance can help protect you from several threats, including things like droughts and floods, as well as more subtle perils like falling equipment prices and general market fluctuations.

Wineries and Vineyard Protected!

Wineries and vineyards have different challenges than most other businesses. The job of protecting the vineyard and winery is a lot harder than you would think. With everything that it entails, it is essential to hire an insurance agent to give the vineyard the proper coverage that it needs to ensure that you are protected. When you hire an insurance agent to do what they do best, you will be happy with the outcome because you know that nothing can go wrong!

Do you need insurance to protect your winery or vineyard? Many winery owners will say they don’t, but they’re wrong. It’s precisely like car insurance; you don’t need it until you do. When you own a vineyard or a winery, you have to take care of your vines and all the equipment you have. It’s just as important as taking care of a family member. If there’s damage to your winery or vineyard, it will set you back financially. But with vineyard protection, you can get the coverage you need to get your winery back on its feet. By making sure you’re covered, you’re protecting your business and the livelihood of everyone who works there. 

Berry, Cotton, and Field Crop Growers Get Insured, Too!

Field crop growers face many risks. For example, they can be impacted by storms, droughts, pests, etc. To fully comprehend the challenge of managing these risks, we need to understand that the level and type of crop insurance coverage a grower has will impact their ability to drive or mitigate these risks. That’s why Mountain Plains Agency makes it a point to understand our clients’ risk tolerances and to work with them to design an insurance program customized to their specific needs.

After learning the costs involved, it is clear that crop insurance also helps farmers manage their finances. It assists them in managing risk as well. By identifying the kind of crops being grown, the insurance company calculates the premium. It also depends on the area of cultivation. Also, the farmer needs to provide details about the farm that is being cultivated.


For every active farmer, insurance is a number one priority. It is essential to consider which insurance type is the most suitable for your business as it is an expensive process. Here are the many different types of insurance available to farmers. Property insurance is a must-have for any farmer. This is because it protects the farmer against damage to their property. Most farmers will have their property insured against public liability and employee injury to prevent themselves from any legal trouble that can arise from accidents. Some farmers may have their livestock plant-covered. This depends on the farmer’s individual needs.

Everyone knows the risks of farming. Crops can fail to grow, or animals might get sick. Additionally, weather can cause crops to die. That’s why we’re so happy to offer a great insurance company that can protect your interests. We’ll make sure to cover you against all of these risks and many more, including property damage and more. We’d love to talk to you about your farming needs.

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