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At Mountain Plains Agency, our number one priority is providing you with the best protection from the natural dangers that surround your ranch or farm. Whether you breed livestock, grow crops, or do some combination of both, we want to help you protect your livelihood! We utilize our experts in ranching and farming to develop a coverage plan just for you, which could include: a life insurance policy, an umbrella policy, workers’ compensation insurance, and liability insurance. Our agents are experienced in your industry and can provide superior service to you and your family. We’ve been an agency protecting families and businesses for more than 13 years. 

A farm is a special place where people can get back to nature and grow the food we eat every day. However, farms can be dangerous places if you aren’t careful. Farm insurance covers tractors, combines, planters, and field equipment. Farm insurance will cover the costs if any of these items break down and require costly repairs. Without this insurance, farmers could lose a lot of money, which is why it’s essential to have it.

Our Role

Mountain Plains Agency is here to keep your ranch or farm safe and protected. We offer several types of ranch and farm insurance policies. If you have a farm, it’s essential to make sure everything is covered. We offer insurance to cover all the things that can go wrong! Finally, if you’re worried about your ranch or farm animals, we offer insurance that protects the health of your animals.

While there are several different crop insurance providers in the industry, Mountain Plains Agency Inc. is the only company that has a proven track record of providing insurance to individual farmers and larger businesses in Northern Colorado. Our simple and streamlined process ensures that you receive the coverage you need. If you’d like to learn more about our insurance offers, please read the rest of this article.

The Coverages

With new technologies and equipment on the market, many farmers have found themselves in the world of large farms, which can have up to thousands of acres. While these farms have their place and benefits, they come with some risks. While they have the power to manage more significant amounts of land and keep track of their livestock, they also run the risk of writing checks their bank accounts can’t cash. Ensuring you’re properly reimbursed for your products, making your farm profitable, and being a safe farmer can be difficult but ensuring you’re knowledgeable about your risks and how to prevent them, you’ll be able to be a safe, successful farmer.

The good news is we are here for you in fighting those uncertainties. 

Farm Liability Coverage

Farm liability insurance is vital in numerous ways. If you are a farm owner, chances are you have a lot of other assets and property that are of high value. In the event of an accident on the farm, the liability costs could skyrocket if you do not have enough insurance coverage. It could cost your farm and your livelihood if you are sued and lose the case. Also, farm liability insurance can provide financial protection to your heirs if they are the ones to run the farm. If you have children, they could be compensated after a debilitating accident occurs and they can no longer run the farm.

Moreover, Farm liability is significant because it is required to have farm insurance. If you do not have farm insurance, you are not covered for farm liability. If you have farm insurance and do not have farm liability, your family will have a hard time getting by if you die or become incapacitated. So far, farm liability is the only form of farm insurance that can be purchased separately to cover your family in the event of your death or incapacitation.

Farm Liability Insurance can be bought as a stand-alone policy or as an addition to your general liability. It covers:

  • Death and loss of income to the worker.
  • Loss of property.
  • Personal injury to your family members.

Pollution Liability Insurance

When you use any kind of chemicals on your property, you risk creating unsightly and potentially hazardous environmental hazards. Unused chemicals can be especially problematic, as they can leech into the ground and contaminate groundwater supplies. Property and casualty insurance policies may cover pollution risks in some form but can vary widely. If you’re concerned about your risk profile and want to be prepared should a potential liability scenario arise, you may want to consider a pollution liability policy?

Indeed, it’s essential to look into pollution liability insurance if you use several chemicals on your property. These chemicals can carry significant risks regarding pollution hazards, which can increase the likelihood of liability claims down the line. A pollution liability policy may cover the following instances: 

  • Leakage of oil into the groundwater
  • Release of harmful chemicals into the air
  • Avoidance of chemicals into a water source
  • Rupturing of a chemical storage facility
  • Release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air

There are many more instances when a pollution liability policy may be needed. Talk with us about these instances and whether or not you need to get a pollution liability policy.

Farm Machinery and Equipment

There are plenty of types of farm equipment that can cause a hefty loss to the farmer. If someone is operating a piece of equipment and it happens to break, the farmer would be personally responsible for the repairs. However, with the right plan, the farmer can protect himself from these high costs. Different methods depend on how the farmer wants to defend himself. Most farmers choose to protect themselves financially to get their equipment fixed quickly and get back to work.

Protect your farm equipment by purchasing insurance. As a farmer, you need to ensure that your equipment is protected from several dangers. Fire, weather, theft, wear, and tear are all possible dangers that may lead to your equipment becoming damaged. By purchasing insurance, you can protect your farm equipment from any of these dangers. This is the smart way to regain your farm operation into normal. 

How to Find the Best Insurance for Your Ranch

Liability protection is often one of the most vital types of farm insurance. When you’re planning to invest in a farm and ranch, there are quite a few risks associated with it. The most common is a liability, but it’s not the only one. This coverage can be vital in protecting against injuries that happen to employees and workers on your property.

If you own a farm, whether it is a small one or a big one, it is necessary to have farm insurance. Many risks to consider, such as vehicle damage, theft, and personal injury. Having insurance will cover you should any of these events occur. There are many different options to consider regarding payments, deductibles, and coverage areas. We suggest you speak with an agent to determine the best type of coverage for your situation.

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