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The Top 10 Benefits of Installing a Home Alarm System

Keeping our home and family safe is one of our top priorities. That’s why more and more homeowners are installing alarm systems – they deter burglars, detect emergencies early, and provide peace of mind. We’ve observed numerous families experiencing the advantages of home security systems. Here are the top 10 reasons to consider installing an alarm in your house.

What are Alarm Systems and How Do They Work?

Alarm systems are electronic devices that detect and alert us to intruders or other emergency situations like fires and carbon monoxide leaks. At the core is a control panel that communicates with various sensors placed throughout the home, like motion detectors, window/door contacts, smoke detectors, and more. When the system is armed and a sensor is triggered, it activates the loud siren alarm and sends alerts to authorities or an alarm monitoring center to dispatch help. Advanced systems can also send notifications straight to your smartphone and allow remote control.

Benefit 1 – Deter Burglars and Prevent Break-ins

Extensive research shows that houses protected by a home security system are much less likely to be targeted by burglars. In fact, monitored systems cut the risk by as much as 60% compared to unprotected homes! Would-be intruders look for the path of least resistance, so the sight of outdoor warning signs and window decals indicating your home is alarmed makes them think twice and move on. We have seen many break-in attempts foiled just through the visible deterrence a good system provides.

Benefit 2 – Rapid Notification of Emergencies

Time is of the essence in any emergency, which is why the ability of alarm systems to detect threats early and summon help quickly is so invaluable. The moment a sensor is tripped, whether it’s the smoke alarm or an intruder breaking a window, the monitoring center receives a priority alarm signal. They can immediately dispatch the fire department or police with detailed information, saving precious minutes. This rapid emergency alert notification helps mitigate damage and improves safety outcomes in the event of break-ins, fires, carbon monoxide leaks, and more.

Benefit 3 – Protect What Matters Most

Our most cherished family members and our hard-earned possessions are contained within the walls of our home. A comprehensive alarm system provides 24/7 monitoring of the entire interior and exterior and alerts you the moment a threat is detected to those spaces and valuables. State-of-the-art smoke detectors sense the first traces of a fire’s smoke and trigger the siren immediately to alert occupants and monitoring centers. Flood sensors protect against water damage. And occupancy sensors even detect people moving about, making your family’s safety a priority.

Benefit 4 – Remote Connectivity and Control

The latest home security systems utilize wireless connectivity and smart home technology to put control at your fingertips, even when away. Using the mobile app, we can monitor the status of every sensor, receive push notifications of alarms, and arm/disarm the system remotely. Video doorbell and surveillance camera integration provides visibility of activity outside or in key interior rooms too. Having this type of remote access means we don’t have to wonder if an emergency is unfolding or try remembering if we armed the system – we can know in an instant no matter where we are.

Benefit 5 – Customization for Specific Needs

Every home and family has their own unique risks, priorities, and budgets. This is why it’s so great that home alarm systems are now available with customized components. For example, we can choose to integrate fire protection features like heat and smoke detectors or water/flood sensors. Those concerned about medical emergencies might add panic buttons. If securing high-value items is a priority or we want video evidence of any criminal activity, security cameras can provide an extra layer of surveillance inside or out. Having options when selecting system components allows us to tailor the security to our family’s specific needs.

Benefit 6 – Peace of Mind and Improved Quality of Life

Ask anyone protected by a home alarm system – they will surely tell you that a huge perk is reduced stress over safety. We no longer have to obsessively worry if we locked doors and windows or are constantly concerned that valuables and loved ones are vulnerable when away. There is great comfort and peace of mind knowing our home environment and possessions are secured at all times against a wide range of potential threats. And coming home at night to a residence safely guarded by a security system allows everyone to sleep easier. Removing those worries improves overall quality of life.

Benefit 7 – Home Insurance Discounts

Most insurance companies recognize that a monitored alarm system means the home is less of a risk, so they reward policyholders with a discount on premiums. Depending on the provider, homeowners can save 5-20% per year on home insurance just by having an active security system in place! Over time, those savings really add up and help offset the monthly monitoring fees. When shopping for quotes, be sure to ask providers about alarm-related discounts to enjoy this great benefit!

Benefit 8 – Maintain Safety During Power Outages

Here in the Midwest, storm-related power outages are a fact of life. And disaster often strikes at night when darkness can conceal intruders. Luckily, most home alarm systems come with battery or cellular signal back-up to maintain protection even if electricity fails. Rest assured that smoke detectors, motion sensors, and all critical components will keep working to detect threats. Staying guarded by an alarm system should calamity or extreme weather knock out the power provides protection exactly when we need it most.

Benefit 9 – Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Timely information is key to effective response in emergencies. Modern home alarm systems provide real-time mobile alerts and live video streaming straight to our phones whenever a sensor is triggered or threat detected. We can actually view criminal activity as occurring and provide details to police while they’re in route. Or make sure everyone evacuated areas endangered by a spreading fire. Having alarm notifications sent the instant something happens allows us to take immediate action to intervene and minimize damage to home and health.

Benefit 10 – Smart Home Management and Automation

Advanced smart home features means we can easily integrate security sensors from the alarm system directly with other internet-connected devices in the residence. For instance, arm/disarm status can cue lights to flip on/off automatically or program your thermostat settings. Security cameras could also trigger floodlights when motion is detected outside. And smart locks on doors can be configured to lock down if a window contact is ever breached. Tying all these home systems together based on what’s happening with the security network takes convenience and protection to another level!

Alarm systems have come a long way from just making loud noises. As this article outlined, modern connected, monitored security networks provide unparalleled protection of home and family with numerous benefits beyond just deterring break-ins. We highly recommend considering having a system installed to safeguard what matters most. Please reach out to us at Mountain Plains Agency Inc. anytime to discuss options customized to your unique needs and budget. We are happy to answer questions or provide a free security assessment.

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