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How a Business Insurance Agency Can Help You

If you’re a small business owner in Northern Colorado, chances are you have come across some situations where you are either glad you had insurance coverage for your business, or you wish you had insurance coverage for your business. Whether you are an IT consulting firm, a marketing company, or just a mom-and-pop retail shop, having insurance coverage for your small business can protect you from a coterie of hazards that are typically outside of your control.

If you are ready to protect your small business in Northern Colorado from the unforeseen dangers lurking in the folds of tomorrow, consider scheduling a consultation with an insurance agent from Mountain Plains Agency, Inc. Our professional and highly experienced staff will make sure that you find insurance coverage that is effective and affordable. We want the best for our Northern Colorado small business, so be sure to purchase business insurance from Mountain Plains Agency, Inc. in Fort Collins today.

Types of Business Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance will protect your business from any claims that say you did not perform the professional services that you were contracted to do. While this is a very tertiary explanation of what professional liability insurance can do, it is ultimately important for any business that offers professional services. This type of insurance covers the actual services your business provides, as compared to other types of insurances which cover general risks.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance typically covers physical damage to other’s property as well as injuries. General liability insurance also provides coverage for libel and slander. For any business owner who is renting a building from a landlord, it is incredibly important — and sometimes mandatory — to have general liability insurance. Without general liability insurance, if there is any damage to the space you are renting, you will be responsible for fixing and repairing it out-of-pocket.

Business Owners’ Policy

For business owners that own their property and own expensive merchandise or equipment, it is incredibly important to have a business owners’ policy. The business owners’ policy combines elements of general liability insurance to protect the business’ property from damage and leased property from damage. This insurance policy will protect you from a wide variety of damages. It is important to team up with an insurance agency that understands your business and what kind of coverage you may need.

Northern Colorado’s Business Insurance Agency

At the end of the day, you want to be able to sleep well knowing that your business is protected from things that are outside of your control. Whether its property damage or a business partner slandering your business, you don’t want to be up at night worrying about legal fees and repair costs. That’s why it is important to hire a business insurance agency: so you can get your peace of mind.

At Mountain Plains Agency, Inc. in Fort Collins, we believe that small business owners should have their businesses protected. Regardless of the business, we work to understand and provide your business with quality insurance coverage. If you’re ready to protect your business and get a better night’s sleep, call Mountain Plains Agency today at 970-672-4144 to book an appointment with an insurance agent today.

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