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What Is Covered by Business Insurance?

Congrats on starting your new venture! As a new business owner, you may be new to the world of business insurance and have some questions. Namely, beyond the forms of business insurance that are required by law, such as worker’s comp and commercial auto insurance, what types of business insurance coverages are actually worth the investment? And what sorts of things can business insurance cover anyway?  At Mountain Plains Agency, we help business owners like you throughout the West and Great Plains keep their livelihoods protected from unlikely events, such as physical property damage, theft, or legal threats, with custom business insurance plans. In today’s blog, we’ll be providing a primer on the most essential protections that our business insurance can offer your business. Remember, when you choose the Mountain Plains Agency for business insurance coverage, you’ll gain access to custom insurance packages made up of the best of tens of thousands of insurance policies available to us — and by extension, you. Continue reading to learn more about business insurance coverage!   Liabilities The first essential protection that business insurance offers your company is liability protection — coverage of expenses related to damage claims or lawsuits filed against your business. Each business insurance policy is unique, but in general, liability protection can cover expenses related to:
  • Claims of property damage, either to your business’s own property or to property that is being rented to your business
  •  Injuries sustained by customers, either on your property or while using your products 
  • Personal injury and intellectual property claims related to content in your advertising or your company’s social media
  • Claims related to advice you provide clients
  • Other claims made involving your products, services, or business operations
  According to the Small Business Administration, more than half of small businesses are involved in at least one lawsuit at any given time. Therefore, it is essential for new business owners to invest in liability protections as part of their business insurance coverage.   Commercial Property Property coverage is one of the more straightforward elements of business insurance, but it is no less essential for your business. Commercial property insurance can cover your business from expenses related to damage to your property or products from a host of potential hazards, including weather, fire, vandalism, or even theft. These types of expenses can be small business killers, as the average commercial property damage claim is tens of thousands of dollars! Without proper business insurance coverage, your small business could face financial ruin after just one bad storm.    Worker’s Comp & Related Legal Expenses Most states require some form of worker’s comp business insurance coverage. If you’re not yet familiar with this type of business insurance coverage, worker’s comp protects your business and employees in the event of workplace injuries and personal injury claims related to your advertising, products, or services.    Get Customized Insurance Protection For Your Business  Now that you know the value of comprehensive business insurance coverage, don’t let your newest venture go unprotected another day! Call the Mountains Plains Agency to get a quote on a custom business insurance package tailored to the specific needs of your business. We have offices in:
  • Fort Collins, CO
  • Crofton, NE
  • Marysville, KS
  • Johnson, KS
Stop on by The Mountain Plains Agency or give us a call today to enjoy the attentive personal service that’s made us a regional favorite for more than 15 years!

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